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Inspired by the charms of the tropics and at the same time intrigued by its challenges, I spend important parts of my life abroad, working as freelance journalist and consultant for different organisations and companies.

Nomad’s diaries is an online media platform created to share news and reflections about impacting social and environmental issues in the tropics, collected during my international research projects in India, Malawi, Philippines,… (to be continued) 

The set up so far is based upon four project terms:

      the Philippines  (Jan 2009 – March 2010) :   Struggle for Land, Resources and Life 

      Malawi  (Sept 2007 – Feb 2008) :   Back to Nature and Culture

      India  (Oct 2005- Feb 2006) :   Children domestic workers

      India  (April 2004- July 2004) :   The origin of incense

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Digging the grave

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, approximately 250 000 men, women and children are engaged in small-scale gold mines in the Philippines, struggling every day with basic tools such as picks, shovels and pans for their survival. Big mining companies as well as small miners cause significant environmental damage and toxic pollution with hazardous mining methods that threaten life of people and nature. Over the last ten years some 20 anti-mining activists were murdered in the Philippines.  Being involved in mining in one way or the other holds risks.

Read full text: Digging the grave                                                                                                              Read Dutch version: Goudkoorts

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Food Security

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Food for thoughts

FAO estimates  that today 1.02 billion people, one-seventh of the world’s population, are undernourished. Unicef reports 6 million children die every year from hunger and malnutrition. At the very same time, the World Health Organisation reports over 1 billion overweight people of which 300 million obese. Enormous amounts of prepared food are wasted every day. On a global level, we produce enough food for everyone.

Read full text: Food for thoughts

Read Dutch version: Voedselzekerheid

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